"Extremists for Peace" CD

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"Extremists For Peace" is a soundtrack of a variety of peace, environmental, and social justice songs. This 2-disc set is on sale for only $10!

Watch the "Extremists For Peace" music video, which features VFP members from across the country: http://bit.ly/2fUTfAG

Disc #1 – Peace and Environmental Songs

  1. “Extremists” for Peace
  2. War is Not the Answer
  3. If I Only Played the Tuba
  4. Where is the Rage?
  5. Young Soldier Welcome Home
  6. Lock Them Up
  7. Now’s the Time
  8. Decorated Viet Vet
  9. Pop There Goes Boston
  10. On the Line
  11. Future Generations
  12. Remember the Rainbow Warrior
  13. Digging a Hole Deep in Texas
  14. No Place To Hide
  15. Big Spruce Pine
  16. We Can Do It

Disc #2 – Favorite Songs

  1. River Flowing
  2. You Only Get One Chance to Say Good-bye
  3. Me and Dad
  4. I Love Singing
  5. David’s Song (Love Ya All to Pieces)
  6. Big Old Dog
  7. The Recycler
  8. Tear on Her Cheek
  9. Closet Country Fan
  10. Today I Lost a Friend of Mine
  11. I’ll Always Remember My First Love
  12. Friends
  13. Baby Humpback
  14. For the Volunteers
  15. Four Ball Rally
  16. Day by Day